CabanaCore Media Group

CabanaCore Media Group is a music distributing program, that publishes your music to many large stores like Spotify, iTunes, Google Play/YouTube Music, etc.

It also allows artists to protect their original songs using Content ID, a program YouTube has in place to identify who’s using your songs and make money from the video to send to you. It’s very useful to artists who have a lot of fans wanting to use their music for their own video, and instead of getting taken down, they can enjoy the music on their video while you receive your well-deserved money.

CMG also gives artists instant access to Spotify For Artists, which allows artists to see their page, see how many people are listening to their music and where they’re listening and edit their own artist page with their picture, a featured song, and a message.

CMG allows artists with $15/year to join, however they sometimes give away FREE trials for a year to artists with potential to be something big.